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Why choose us

At Clickthruresults we work with our clients very closely, almost like an in-house department in your company. For this reason we do not take on more clients and spend less time on them, we take on less clients so we can spend more time on client’s digital marketing strategy.

What we do

We sit down with you and understand your business operation, understand your business needs and go over your business goals. We set milestones and create goals based on click through rate, conversion rate, average order value, and total revenue. We set up regular meetings to review goals, and report on results.

Why are we different

We work with you as a part of your company. Our goals are aligned with yours and if you are profitable we are profitable. We create win-win situations for all our clients. With our profit sharing model, so are determined to aim for success.

What is SEO & why does my business need it?

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SEO stands for search engine optimisation, it is the process of optimising your website so it ranks well in search engines like Google for particular keywords you have selected. Optimising a site with SEO is a skill and very few people can effectively optimise a site without getting it banned on search engines like Google. To combat "blackhat" SEO techniques, Google constantly updates its algorithm and good SEOs need to be up to date with changes to be effective in optimising sites. 92% of

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Is Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing better?

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SEO and SEM are both different ways of advertising on search engines. SEO involves organic rankings that appear on the left side of the search engine results. SEM is paid search results and appear on the top and right had side of the search engine results. SEM works on a pay per click basis, so you will only get charged if your ad is clicked, while the organic listings are free. Both online marketing methods are very effective and essential for any business becoming successful online. When de

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Why is having an overall digital marketing strategy important?

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Having a digital marketing strategy is important, without clear direction on which online marketing channels are best suited for your business, you could be flying blind. Only using 1 channel of online marketing, will limit the effectiveness of your marketing mix and not using the right online channels that compliment your business goals will affect your marketing success. You must have a clear digital marketing strategy, which focus on all marketing channels which have specific business g

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How do you market your business with social media?

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Social media marketing is a broad spectrum of marketing through social networks and platforms. The most used social media networks for marketing are facebook, twitters, youtube and linkedin. There are also many other types of social media, including: delicious, reddit, flickr, etc. Marketing through social media means getting into your customers social networks and  marketed your brand through them via sharing and recommendations. It is almost as tricky as recruiting for c-level position

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Our name reflects our dedication. Clickthruresults is a digital marketing agency that is focus on getting results for our clients. We pride ourselves at executing digital marketing campaigns focused on bringing back the best ROI for our clients.